Live the Cotswolds dream!

The way we live our lives has changed considerably since Covid struck in 2020 –After almost two years of being confined to our homes on and off, many people had the time to reflect on what was important to them in both their personal and professional lives.

Working either fully remotely from home, or on a hybrid model, has become very much the norm these days – allowing that dream of living in the country to become a reality!

As a result, the property market across the UK has saw an exponential shift in demand from urban properties to more rural country homes as people moved out from towns, in particular London, to the UK’s coast and countryside.

The Cotswolds is currently one of the biggest property hot spots in the UK with 32% of homes selling above the asking price, and buyers searching for their new dream life. The Cotswolds has also seen an increase in buyers wanting second homes in the area, who still need a city base during the week.

What’s happening in the property market?

Many expected the property market to come to a halt after the first Covid lockdown in 2020, however, the Cotswolds, in particular, proved that not only it is one of the most desirable places to live in the UK, it is now possible to work remotely from here as well.
It is has always benefitted from good road and rail connections as it is no more than 2hrs from central London.

Combined with investment in faster broadband speeds, an excellent choice of schools, stylish shopping, a thriving café culture and superb country pubs makes it a huge draw for many. However, this level of demand has culminated in very low stock levels and despite the recent news headlines suggesting a slow-down in the property market, it doesn’t seem to be affecting the market in the Cotswolds!

As a result of the low stock and high demand, the number of properties that have been sold or rented ‘off-market’ has reached a 4-year high.

The buying frenzy of 2021 and 2022 has certainly abated to an extent – which is a relief, but house prices aren’t “crashing” and demand is still high here.

How can a buying agent help?

Searching for your dream home is exciting but it can also be time consuming and stressful, especially when combining it with a move to a new area, choosing schools and navigating the new once or twice weekly commute.

That’s where property specialists like us come in! Our role is to take that stress away by dealing with everything for you.
Working with an independent buying agent who can offer local knowledge and useful contacts can be invaluable, and as experienced property finders we are at the top of the list to be notified when new properties come onto the market, which means we often have access to properties that you wouldn’t normally find.

So, whether you’re looking for a bolthole retreat or a country estate – or anything in between – we will work with you to make your move a success and help you live the dream!

Guest Author

Naomi Gleeson, Director

Property Search Co – Cotswolds