Midsummer Magic – Therapies to Explore Your Spirituality this Summer

Midsummer is traditionally hailed a magical time of year, holding a sense of mystery and new beginnings giving us the perfect excuse to delve into some of our spiritual and healing businesses.

The perception of a business is traditionally somewhere to eat or drink, something to purchase, something tangible to hold, so let’s subvert the norm and look at something you ‘feel’ instead.

We start out journey with Raven’s Path Therapy. But to understand what they offer it’s important to untangle what is The Raven’s Path…

The Raven’s Path is a symbol of rebirth, intuitive guidance, healing, arcane wisdom and slow, meaningful change. Owner Genevieve has woven Ayurvedic therapy and massage for body and mind, to support you to seek a quiet, therapeutic place to rest deeply and focus on yourself and every Cotswold Collective Member gets 10% off.

Then we have Poppy Ellis of Poppy Therapies who delivers luxury facials, relaxing massages and reiki healing. Poppy’s spiritual awakening came when a friend took her to her first ever gong bath, and it opened her eyes to a whole new world. The healing power of sound was a revelation for her and she knew she had to learn more. She found the practice of energy healing so profound that she knew she wanted to share it with others.

In her beautiful space in Bourton on The Water she helps people find peace and balance in their lives. With your Cotswold Collective card Poppy Therapies offers 15% off any treatment.

Another healing practice is the wonderful Cotswold Healing Therapies in Cirencester. Jodie helps other to heal or make positive changes in their life through hypnotherapy, reiki and EFT.

She particularly enjoys supporting women through times of change and reflection and love the positive impact that these therapies can have on improving symptoms of anxiety, stress, phobias and recovering from previous traumatic events and offers £5 off any initial consultation.

Finally for a more movement based magic it’s time to strike a downward dog pose and join Retreat and Rewild who offer yoga, barre and pilates surrounded by green space, just outside of Cirencester. They also have a mindfully curated schedule of events and seasonal retreats exploring the beautifully wild landscapes of the UK. 20% off all drop in classes for our wonderful Cotswold Collective Members.

Embrace the season of magic and explore your spiritual practices and therapies this June, all thanks to the Cotswold Collective card helping you discover all our local treasures.