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Women's Workshops & Spiritual Coaching
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I'm a Women's Workshop facilitator running 'Introduction to Holistic Well-being' events in the Gloucester area. My aim is to provide ladies (of all ages) with the tools needed to practice holistic self care. I have a First Degree in Reiki and I'm a Cognitive Based Mindfulness Coach and a Mindset for Success Coach.

I'm currently midway through a Crystal Healing Diploma. I also intend to study Positive Psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

During my workshops: I hold the space for up to 9 women as I introduce them to Holistic well-being and Spiritual modalities. I talk to the ladies about working with the energy of the moon, breath work, mindfulness practices, meditations, journal prompts, gratitude, affirmations, overcoming limiting beliefs, having a positive mindset, goal setting, vision statements, crystal properties, chakras, aromatherapy, oracle cards. I guide the attendees through several mindfulness and meditation practices so a yoga mat, cushion and blanket are required, as well as a journal and pen. There is absolutely no obligation to talk but I do encourage 'sharing' during the workshop, the choice is entirely theirs. I read poetry written by females for females to open and close the time spent together.

Focus of the workshops: The time and space is about connection, laughter, wisdom, empathy, positivity, spiritual togetherness, relaxation, a sense of being free to speak (if a participant wishes to) whilst feeling calm and cosy. A few hours to forget the hustle and bustle of the day and priorities to others. A time for women to properly relax and recharge, to learn new skills and to focus totally upon themselves for the morning.

My mission: Is to provide women with a holistic tool kit to improve their well-being via my group workshops. In addition or alternatively to the workshops, my 1 to 1 coaching sessions can help ladies to feel empowered, calmer and more positive about life. Particularly if they are feeling stagnant, overwhelmed, are a recent empty nester or feel stuck in a rut.

Cotswold Collective Members receive 20% off workshops and the 'in person' coaching 1 to 1 sessions.

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