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Cotswolds Woodland Spa Alternative, Finnish sauna and ice bath in nature.
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Cotswolds Woodland Spa Alternative, Finnish sauna and ice bath in nature at Far Peak, Northleach, Gloucestershire.

  • Woodland Sauna and Ice baths
  • Guided sessions with a certified Wim Hof Method Instructor
  • Weekly breath-work, yoga and sauna classes
  • Public sessions (for up to 8 people at one time)
  • Private sessions and hire packages for special occasions

"Hot and cold therapy that changes people's lives. We believe your surroundings have a profound effect on your experiences and science agrees!

That's precisely why we've chosen such a picturesque woodland setting for Scenic Sauna's outdoor Finnish barrel sauna, temperature-controlled ice baths, blissful relaxation, and workshop spaces within the grounds of Far Peak Centre, in the heart of the beautiful Cotswolds.

Our passion is in sharing daily proven tools that not only improve your physical health, but aid recovery from autoimmune illness, combat depression and anxiety, stimulate faster recovery, and increase athletic performance; as well as reverse cellular aging!

Everything we offer is part of our own "health cake".  We have done the research, we use it every day so that you can get all the benefits without waiting.  Jump in, and immerse yourself in the hottest (and coldest) path to your supercharged self!​

Discover our location in Northleach, Gloucestershire. Make joy routine, heal from illness, and find balance."

Cotswold Collective Members receive 10% off public sauna/ ice bath sessions.

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10% off

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