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Local fresh food delivery.
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 Everyday local goodness delivered to your door.

Browse an online trove of provisions from your area’s best sustainable local food retailers and we’ll deliver them to your door.

Did you know that local food stores are the number one most-wanted local service? And that for every £1 spent locally, £3 is injected back into the local economy? Supermarkets have their place, but we want to plug you back into your community. We’re reviving a traditional, more sustainable way to shop with a modern twist while keeping local independents alive.

We do this by offering a simple online local food delivery service that’s designed to be just like doing an everyday online supermarket shop. We make it really easy to shop locally, without having to actually drop into the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker. You get the convenience of an online shop while feeling good about knowing where your food comes from, as well as supporting your local independents, farmers, makers, bakers, butchers, fishers, greengrocers and micro-producers.

Shop with us to support local businesses, buy high-quality everyday products, reduce carbon emissions, food miles and plastic packaging and get that food-provenance feel-good factor.

Cotswold Collective Members receive free delivery and a complimentary jute tote bag with their first order.

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