5 areas to declutter this Summer and enjoy a refreshing space

Cotswold Collective Partner, and our Organisation Queen, Dani Christie explains the 5 areas you should tackle to be ready for a clutter free Summer.



As summer arrives with longer days and sunnier weather, it’s the perfect time to declutter and rejuvenate your living spaces. By tackling these five areas, you can make the most of your summer and create an organised and inviting environment. Let’s dive into the top areas to declutter this season and make room for a more enjoyable summer experience.

1. Garage: Clearing the Way for Functional Space

The garage often becomes a dumping ground for various items, leaving little room for parking or storage. Start by taking advantage of a dry day to bring everything out and sort items into categories. Discard broken or unwanted items, recycle what you can, and set a specific date to take care of these piles. Consider selling or donating items you no longer need by placing them outside your home with a “For Sale” or “Free” sign. You’ll be surprised at how quickly these items go! Once you’ve sorted through everything, invest in sturdy and waterproof storage containers like the Really Useful Box Range. This will help keep the insects and moisture at bay! Utilise wall and ceiling space for storage and free up the garage floor using shelves, racks, and hooks.

2. Shed: Streamlining Your Outdoor Essentials

The shed often becomes a cluttered space, hindering easy access to gardening tools and outdoor supplies. Take the opportunity this summer to declutter and save both time and money. Remove everything from the shed and categorise items into keep, donate, bin, and sell piles. Consider donating plastic flower pots to local hardware stores or groups like nurseries and allotments. Maximise space in the shed by using peg boards to store small garden tools, wall hooks for hanging larger items, and even ceiling hooks for lightweight objects like kites.

3. BBQ Accessories: Getting Ready for Outdoor Grilling

Summer is synonymous with outdoor barbecues, so it’s crucial to declutter and organise your BBQ accessories. Start by ensuring your BBQ equipment is in good working order, checking gas connections or inspecting charcoal grills for cracks. Gather all your utensils and create clear piles for items to keep, donate, bin, or sell. Once you’ve decided what to keep, store your BBQ accessories together in a durable, waterproof container, clearly labelled for easy access on barbecue days.

4. Summer Wardrobe: Lightening Up Your Closet

With the change in seasons, it’s an excellent opportunity to declutter your wardrobe and create space for summer essentials. Review each piece of clothing, checking for wear, proper fit, and the need for repairs. Donate, recycle, or sell items that no longer suit you, are in poor condition, or are surplus to your requirements. Remember to include hats and sunglasses in this process. Avoid holding onto items “just in case” and make room for lightweight, weather-appropriate clothes that make you feel good during the summer months.

5.Travel Items: Streamlining for Smooth Adventures

Whether you’re going abroad or planning a staycation, decluttering your travel items will make your next trip smoother and more organised. Lay out all of your suitcases, carry-on bags, backpacks, and toiletries bags and create piles for keeping, donating, binning, and selling. Consider donating spare suitcases to save space. Utilise the suitcases and bags you keep to store other travel essentials such as packing cubes, padlocks, adaptors, and luggage tags. Before packing, check the expiration dates of toiletries and consider decanting them into smaller reusable bottles. Don’t forget to double-check your travel documents and avoid bringing back unnecessary souvenirs that will clutter your home.

As the summer season brings longer days and sunny weather, take advantage of this time to declutter and organise various areas of your life. By tackling the garage, shed, BBQ accessories, summer wardrobe, and travel items, you can enjoy a clutter-free and refreshing space. Embrace the opportunity to simplify your surroundings and create a more enjoyable summer experience. Remember, the five areas mentioned here are just the beginning—feel free to explore other spaces in your home and make the most of the drier, longer days.

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