Cotswold Wool Weekend

Date: 29th April – 1st May

Location: The Corn Hall, Cirencester

Price: FREE

Calling all wool lovers!

The Cotswold Wool Weekend is an exciting not-for-profit event celebrating Cotswold makers while rediscovering local woolly heritage.

For three days, Cirencester Corn Hall will be full to the brim with a wonderful collection of exhibitor stalls – featuring local makers, growers and crafters gathered together to celebrate the Cotswolds’ woolly heritage. The Cotswold Collective will have an exhibitors stand… come and say hello!

The Cotswolds used to be a centre of the wool industry, and the weekend wants to reignite that shared history.

Come along to meet other like-minded wool lovers, and discover the woolly exhibits, talks and workshops. You can also sign up to crafty workshops, or go along to one of the talks or book signings happening at the Corn Hall, New Brewery Arts and Corinium Museum.

What’s it all about?

The organisers are trying to connect those who are passionate about rural heritage, champion local makers and celebrate the area’s rich history with the wool industry. There’s a lot of energy in this movement at the moment across the UK – it’s a great moment to celebrate the Cotswolds’ local woolly history!

The Cotswolds were born out of the wool trade, but we’ve been losing that heritage. Cotswold Wool Weekend wants to reclaim that. It’s the first ever event they’ve run as part of this campaign, and they’re really excited to bring people together and celebrate this shared history.

Crafting is having a huge resurgence and so many people are enjoying making things again, and finding huge benefits to their mental health. It’s a lovely way for people to connect over a shared passion.

Come on down!