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Artisan sauces, chutneys & seasonings.
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Pink Salt Shed Artisan Produce creates sauces, chutneys & seasonings.

Food is a big part of our life and I enjoy offering my food & hospitality to family & friends at get-togethers. Whether an impromptu or organised gathering I always make sure everyone is fed & watered with some real tasty stuff.

I always wanted my children to grow up with an appreciation for good tasting food; strong flavours and wholesome ingredients.  Family & friends would say to me 'you should sell this stuff', when talking about my pesto, so I took a few pots to the honesty shop at our local dairy and they all sold, so I did it again, and again and thought that there 'might be something in this'. Nearly two years since the first pot sold and Pink Salt Shed is going strong, with pestos, chutneys & seasonings... national distribution, expansion and diversification going on.

We love a making pastes, sauces and seasonings for our own use, so that's what we produce for you. We make sure that each product has several usages, because whether it's fresh or on the ambient shelves we want you to use it all and not waste any.

All products have had very little process in making it, 'healthy & wholesome' is very important to me... NO artificial additives, NO artificial preservatives, NO nonsense.

Members receive 15% off when purchasing Pink Salt Shed products (and 10% off any other food purchased).

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