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Escape Rooms Cheltenham

Gloucestershire-inspired escape rooms.
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Exciting escape room adventures based in Cheltenham Town Centre. Try our unique challenges at Cheltenham's very own independent escape rooms.

Choose from 3 exciting Gloucestershire inspired games:

Pole Position

You’ve set sail on the Terra Nova expedition in hopes of being the first team to locate the South Pole, but on arrival at Hut Point you receive word that the Norwegian team, led by Roald Amundsen, are also on their way – and so the race is on!

You must prepare all the supplies, finalise the necessary research and pinpoint the exact location of your goal, all within one hour, in order to be the first ones there!

Does your crew have what it takes to survive in Antarctica and locate the South Pole?

An escape room game inspired by The Great British Antartic Expedition, and Cheltenham born explorer and Scientist Edward Wilson.

Standard – 3/5
Challenging – 4.5/5
Suitable for ages 11 and up

Operation Foresight

Cheltenham, 1969. Organised crime is rife on the streets of London and a message, believed to come from one of the most prolific groups in the city has been intercepted by the Government Communications Headquarters. Your intelligence team has been tasked with deciphering the message and discovering the members of the crime gang. An evidence and analysis based escape room inspired by Cheltenham’s most famous (secret) resident!

Standard – 3.5/5
Challenging – 5/5
Suitable for ages 14 and up

Cheese Robbers

Every year the mice have to watch as the ungrateful humans throw their precious cheese down a muddy hill just to chase after it again!

Well this year they’ve had enough! Don your mouse ears and break into the kitchen to steal the wheel of cheese before the humans return. But watch out for their traps!

Inspired by the Brockworth Cheese rolling and the classic game ‘mouse trap’

Standard – 2/5
Challenging – 4/5
Suitable for ages 7 and up


  • 2-3 players, £24 per person
  • 4-6 players £18 per person

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