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Lets Get Back To You

Intuitive life coach empowering you to live the life you choose.
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-Are you feeling disconnected, drained, or disempowered within your life?

-Are overwhelm and confusion a regular part of your experience?

-Do you often find that your needs are bottom of the priority list, or perhaps not there at all?

-Are you feeling lost or like you don't quite know where to start in making changes?

​If the answer is YES, I understand and I'm here for you.

My name’s Amy Carruthers and as an intuitive life coach I bring with me over a decade's worth of experience working in the world wellness and mental health. I offer a holistic, trauma informed, multimodality approach which combines conversation, journalling, energetic and body based practices, supporting you to reconnect through gentle self enquiry, compassion and empowerment…so that you can stop living the life you think you 'should' and start living the life YOU CHOOSE.

Maybe you’d like to:

-Reconnect to you and who you are now,

-Gain clarity around what you need and want in life,

-Identify how you might meet those needs practically day to day,

-Begin releasing negative self talk,

-Build self trust and confidence,

-Redefine self-care so that it feels accessible and genuinely nourishing,

-Create a toolbox of resources that you can rely on to truly support you through the ups and downs of daily life?

If you’re ready for change and want some dedicated time, space and support to help you move forward in life, whatever that means for you...I’ve got you. Together we’ll create a coaching and support plan tailored to your needs and goals.

Let’s Get Back to You lovely, it’s time!!

Cotswold Collective Members save £20 off their initial 90 minute deep dive coaching consultation. 

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