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Life, Confidence & Business Coach.
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Experience transformative coaching that delivers tangible results: Break through barriers, shed limiting beliefs, gain crystal-clear clarity on your path forward, and unlock the unwavering confidence to pursue your goals with certainty.

Nikki, an impassioned NLP coach and the visionary founder of a coaching company, dedicates her expertise to catalysing transformative journeys for emerging leaders, small business owners, and individuals aspiring to cultivate unshakeable confidence.  For creatives specifically, Nikki understands the challenges of cluttered minds and uses her methods to declutter thought patterns, silence self-doubt, and unlock creative flow.

She blends Clifton strengths, energy leadership, NLP, and psychodynamic therapy to unlock individuals' true potential with confidence and authenticity.

Nikki's coaching method is a nuanced blend of deep-dive techniques, cutting through insecurities and internal battles. The result is a transformation into decisive, confident, and successful individuals.

Through empathetic guidance, she empowers individuals to navigate their minds, fostering lasting, positive change leading to elevated new heights of purpose, confidence, and fulfilment.

Cotswold Collective Members receive 15% off six-session coaching packages. 

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