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Rose and Mary Cosmetics

Award-winning, vegan, holistic skincare.
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At Rose and Mary Cosmetics we firmly believe in the healing power of nature. Essential oils capture the rich and highly beneficial properties of each individual plant. Choose from our carefully selected oils to elevate your daily bathing experience and use nature to help boost your mood.

Using sustainable resources has never been more important than now. Our products use natural dyes, such as French clays, to give a rustic and gentle colour. We take a beautifully simple approach to decorating our cosmetics so that you reap the benefits for your skin without harming the planet.

We use only recyclable packaging as well as biodegradable plant protein film to wrap our products where needed. This wrap can be placed into your own home compost where it will naturally decompose within 6-8 weeks.

All our products are vegan-friendly and 100% plant-based.

Cotswold Collective Members get 10% off when spending over £40.

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Rose and Mary Cosmetics

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