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Hello and welcome to Eco-Able. I’m Dani Seatter, founder of Eco-Able and author of eco-published children’s books, Away and Oceans Away.

The idea for Eco-Able came about from a conversation I had with my sister about her efforts to reduce single use plastic. It struck me that it can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming trying to find products that help us move towards a low waste, low plastic lifestyle.

I wanted to create a place for discussion and for sharing hints and tips, but also somewhere people could easily access really great, tried-and-tested eco-products.

Many of my products combine my two great passions; reducing waste and supporting small, independent businesses. I cherish the connection that I have with my ethical suppliers who share my vision for natural, planet-friendly alternatives.

Eco-Able began online and we now have a shop in Cirencester; a cosy, friendly space where all are welcome to browse at their own pace, ask questions, read books and chat.

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