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Organic Vegan Toiletries.
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The Solid Bar Company has created pure personal care products that are effective, economical, and safe for both you and the planet.

We came up with the idea for The Solid Bar Company when we crossed the Atlantic on a 36ft yacht (and lost our engine half way across- but that's another story, soon to be a novel)!

All the personal care products we found had cheap chemicals water dilution and plastic.  Eco-friendly alternatives were not up to scratch (we firmly believe eco-friendly products need to be as good if not better than the traditional alternatives or there's no point.  They also need to be competitively priced)

So, we decided to create our own.  A lot of chemistry later (perhaps if we'd known how much we would not have started this journey!) but nevertheless, we now have an award-winning range of haircare bars (we beat 350 liquid shampoo and conditioners to win the Top Sante awards and also have a 'Gold' (Green Parent) award-winning 2-in-1 bar, as well as face cleansing bars, magnesium deodorants, repellent bars (from our time in the Caribbean) and more!

All manufactured in Oxfordshire, the products are 100% vegan, biodegradable, palm oil free, and plastic-free. Amazing scents by using only natural, therapeutic oils.

They really are sheer luxury without compromise (now in the Mandarin Oriental hotels)!

Cotswold Collective Members can enjoy 15% off.

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