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Mooch The Cotswolds

Beautiful handmade homeware.
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Mooch is a brand that works for many, catering for those that love prints but yearn to find something fun yet still sophisticated.

"We love that just one statement piece can completely transform a room or one’s appearance, just as easily as it can create a talking point for hours, the power of the product is remarkable.

My passion for design, love for the enchanting Cotswolds, fascination with patterns, and a commitment to creating handmade, slow and sustainable products is the driving force behind the Mooch brand. There is no fast fashion in Mooch, it is a forever product, handmade in small quantities so you can feel both individual and special.

Every piece is inspired by the idyllic surroundings I call home, and I really hope you will love their timeless elegance as much as I enjoyed designing them."


Founder, Mooch

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